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The SmartMarina project and Dusty

A project by INRIA France

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Inria, the national institute for research dedicated to the information technologies world, which promotes "scientific excellence at the service of the technological transfer and the society" and is the emploier for some 2700 researchers coming form the best world universities, researches that take on the challenges posed by the information sciences and the technological development of the world, is participating in a project named SmartMarina.

This project is creating one of the first connected marinas in the world, offering new services and monitoring in real time. Marinas need moorings monitoring, to avoid wasting time in finding the right mooring for a vessel coming in, and need other types of connected services, now that the technology allows for them.

Smart sensors, with Analog Devices SmartMesh IP technology onboard deployed across the marina offer real-time visibility over the availability of moorings and the usage of electricity and fresh water. And the pilot project is being carried out with our Dusty in Cap d'Agde, one of the three largest marinas in Europe.

Check the video here:

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