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Thank you from embedded World 2017

To all of our visitoris, a special thank you

The experience at Nuremberg embedded World 2017 #ew17 has been an intensive and satisfying one: we've had plenty of visitors coming and asking about our modules, boards and sensors, or coming to us with specific enquiries.

It's been a pleasure to meet all of them, and an honour to be submerged by so much attention: we would like to thank you all, all of you who dropped by, but also all of those who haven't made it to Nuremberg, for giving us the chance to explain our vision and the future of IoT.

We're now flying to Hannover, for #ceBIT2017: see you in Hannover Messe!

embedded World 2017 #ew2017
@Linear Technology Corporation's Booth Hall 4A 310 with our "totem"
IOTEAM's "totem"
IOTEAM: the future of IoT
Data collected by our boards: two here in Nuremberg, full of sensors, and two far away
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