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Thank you for visiting us at SPS IPC Drives!

As part of a team that worked very hard to be ready for SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, where we were hosted by Analog Devices at Siemens' Mindsphere, we would like to thank you for coming and showing your enthusiastic interest for our solution.

There we showed an innovative solution to monitor electrical motors: from the smallest possible wireless sensor with a robust RF communication system till the connection to Siemens' MindSphere cloud, a solution that allows to collect information for predictive maintenance and to monitor the functionting of the engine on which the sensor is applied.

Our ADI-CBM Box, pictured below, is the smallest wireless sensor possible to monitor in real time, or at pre-defined times, the operation of the electrical motor.

The data is collected by Analog Devices' sensors and transmitted via DUSTY, our small module utilizing LTC5800 from Analog Devices, a component that was developed to work in harsh environments, in those situations commonly referred to as extreme IoT, and used for industrial applications including process monitoring, condition monitoring, asset management, Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) monitoring and power management.

Within the solution that we presented at SPS IPC Drives, the data is collected and partially processed locally, to be then sent to the MindSphere Cloud, where the owner of the motor can find all the information they need to know about their remotely located piece of hardware.

Here we have some photos of the past hectic days at the German trade show, and an introduction to extreme IoT by Joy Weiss, President of Dust Networks, the creators of LTC5800, now part of Analog Devices.

Meeting all of you who came and visited our booth, requested information and showed interest, was a real pleasure, and we wish to thank you all individually. In case you didn't make it to this trade show, we are always available to give you more information if you contact us.

This links points at MindSphere by Siemens playlist in Youtube, and is not our own material, as it was filmed by Siemens. Here you can find the link to all of the videos by Siemens @ MindSphere Lounge

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