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Thank You for #IoTWSC2017 Barcelona

An amazing experience

The IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona ended on October 5, and we would like to thank everybody who came and visited us at Analog Devices' booth in Fira Barcelona.

It's been an amazing experience: people from all over the world came and visited, and showed interest for the solutions we were showcasing.

We had the pleasure to meet many professionals and to exchange views and information, to demonstrate our products and to introduce them to the SmartMesh® IP Networks from Analog Devices embedded in our modules and boards.

Many people were surprised at the power of this technology that, as Joy Weiss, Vice President, IOT and Security Solutions at Analog Devices, underlined in her speech, is suitable for Extreme IoT solutions and harsh environments.

It is also a very secure technology, and this is, together with its reliability and ultra low power consumption, one of the keys of the success of this type of RF communications.

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