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Ready for embedded World 2018?

Visit us at Booth 4A-629 with Analog Devices, Inc.

Our teams are finalizing our demos for embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg: if you wish to meet us and know amore bout our new proposals, you can visit us from February 27 until March 1 both at Analog Devices' booth 629, in Hall 4A and at Arrow's booth 340, still in Hall 4A.

At Booth 629, in Hall 4A, we are going to display a live demo of the Dust CBM Box, a condition monitoring box developed to remotely manage the data coming from your electrical engine and to prepare for your predictive maintenance, in order to avoid costly and prolonged stops of electrical engines. This, as always, without the need for cabling, as it is based on SmartMesh® IP technology from Analog Devices, Inc., an extremely reliable and ultra-low consumption RF technology, used in extreme IoT applications.

At Booth 340 in Hall 4A we’re going to display a demo composed by some of our best known boards: Dustino, a fast prototyping board in Arduino Zero form factor, Dragonfly, our DusTeam WiFox board with SigFox connectivity on board, Dust ADI Sensors, to demonstrate the sensors’ capturing ambient data and the transmission of collected information via SmartMesh® Ip and SigFox for both local and long-range wireless communication.

Dust ADI Sensor and Dragonfly

On show at Arrow’s booth will also be a demo made with a board we developed for the Arrow SmartEverything line of products: the ASME Tiger board, that features Thread, BLE and Wi-Fi as wireless transmission.

Come and visit us during those three days!

ASME Tiger
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