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How to Flash Dusty

A Beginner's Guide

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HowTo Flash Dusty

DUSTY modules for sale on are not preloaded with any firmware.

We remind you that any Dusty module is based on the LTC5800 component from Linear Technology and can be programmed as Manager or Mote, where Manager is the network Master controlling one or several Motes, the slaves.

Customers shall use the standard procedure to flash them with the firmware, according to the purpose (Manager / Mote) of each one. There are two official firmwares (one for the Manager type and one for Mote type) available on the Linear Technology channel website and they can be downloaded following this procedure.

Step 1: Obtain the LTC5800 firmware

Linear Official Firmware

This step is the preferred way in order to have the latest Release of the FW to flash the Dusty modules, and to keep aligned with Linear 's new official release.

You need to subscribe to the MyLinear channel
and then ask for the firmware of the LTC5800, and this allows you to download a ZIP file containing all the releases of the Dust firmware for Manager and Mote.

 IOTEAM firmware

The above procedure shall not take long, but in case you prefer to speed up this phase and you are not strongly dependent on the latest release, please refer to us for a zip file containing the minimum set of files and the tool to flash both Mote and Manager.
Send an email to rnd(at)ioteam(dot)it asking for the Dusty FW.

Step 2: flashing firmware

Once you have all the scripts and files, to flash the Dusty module you need one of these 2 hardware tools:


The DC9010B Eterna Serial Programmer provides in-circuit access to Eterna based products (such as the LTC5800, LTP5900, LTP5901, or LTP5902) and is used to load SmartMesh networking software.
Eterna is the powerful, low power ARM Cortex-M3 System-on-Chip that includes 512kbytes of on board flash memory. Refer to the Eterna Serial Programmer Guide for additional information.
The DC9010B consists of an enclosed circuit board with a USB micro-B interface and a 2x5 pin 2mm ribbon cable and is used in conjunction with the Eterna Serial Programmer (ESP) software.

The DC9006 Eterna interface card comes with a DC9004A adapter card which enables the DC9006 to connect to the 10-pin programming and CLI header recommended to be designed on customer boards in the Eterna Hardware Integration Guide or LTP5901/LTP5902 Hardware Integration Guide.

HW connection

The pins related to the flashing procedure are showed in the picture below.

Remember to connect those pins on your user board to that connector.

The UartC0 is is also useful because from the Eterna You can also have a connection on the Dusty CLI.

Useful link

Another interesting web site is DustCloud. This is an official Linear Wiki where You can post any development request (you will need another subscription).


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