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Hannover Messe starts today! And we're there!

From Monday 24 until Friday 28, 2017

At Hannover Messe: our newborn DUSTY with Sensors

At Hannover Messe the theme for 2017 is the Industrie 4.0 or Industry 4.0. A new industrial revolution is ongoing, things are changing fast in the industrial world, thanks to the connections made possible by wireless, short and long range technologies, such as Dust, SigFox, LoRA.

We're once again guests at Linear Tehncology's- Analog Devices' Stand H23 in Hall 9, as we're powering and connecting the digital world in good cooperation with them.

Our Dust-based Dusty module is still king, as it forms a SmartMeshed Network based on 6LoWPAN, delivers wire-like reliability and ultralow power to wireless mesh networks, allowing secure deployment of battery-operated IoT sensors in harsh environments with more than 10 years of battery life. Plus we have a new range of Dusty-based Sensors, embedding Analog Devices' Sensors: Dusty PCB Ant or U.FL Ant Conn with Dual Axis MEMS Gyroscope, with Micro power, 3-Axis, ±2 g /±4 g /±8 g Digital Output MEMS Accelerometer, with ±0.25°C Accurate, 16-Bit Digital I²C Temperature Sensor ADT7420, or with the three of them together, in a very small format, easy to use for smartcities and smart industry applications.

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