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DUSTY in a real life application: Liftbit at the Fuorisalone

At the 2017 Salone del Modile, Design Week, in Milan

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An interesting conference on April 5, in the middle of Milan's Design Week (Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone) yesterday at Opendot with @mbanzi, #carlorattiassociati #alessandromasserdotti and #Liftbit, the first wireless remotely controlled sofa in the world. #IoT

The importance of #IoT – and this is what we have tried to help do with Lift-Bit – is to start an interaction, a conversation between an object (each element of Lift-Bit) and people using that object.


"IoT is indeed not about an object having a conversation with an object – which would be absolutely boring – rather about us having a conversation with an object” Carlo Ratti's speech at Opendot with Massimo Banzi #LiftBit #Fuorisalone2017 was very interesting, indeed.


LiftBit is an example of IoT in real life, and IOTEAM S.r.l. helped make this wireless IoT object a reality.

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